Top Asked Entree Tasting Questions

Let’s talking “Entrée Tastings.”  Most times when you have booked a venue or a catering company, a complimentary “Entrée Tasting” is included.  This is your chance to come in and sample the cuisine options for your wedding day and make your culinary decisions.  This can often be a confusing time, so let’s dig in:  
FAQS and Understanding the Lingo ……… 
Q:How many hors d’oeuvres should we choose? 
A:For a full cocktail hour, industry standard suggests five to six pieces per person. 
Q:What is the different between butler-passed hors d’oeuvres and a stationary display? 
A:?Butler-passed hors d’oeuvres are hand-passed and presented to your guests.  Stationary displays are presented on a table that allows guests to help themselves. 
Q:Can we offer both butler-passed hors d’oeuvres and stationary displays? 
A:Absolutely!  It is very common to offer both. 
Q;What is a hosted bar package? 
A:A hosted bar is when you pay a per person, per hour price for drinks. 
Q:What is a hosted on consumption bar? 
A:?A hosted on consumption bar is the same as running a tab – as guests order drinks, they are rung in to the total bill. 
Q:What is a cash bar? 
A:A cash bar is when your guests purchase their own drinks on a cash/credit card basis. 
*Please note bar options can differ from property to property depending on the type of liquor license that they have.   
Prior to attending your tasting, you’ll need to know a few things…… 
What is your required Food and Beverage Minimum (your contract should included this figure) 
At this point in time, realistically (best estimate) how many guests will be attending?  Out of those guest, how many will be 2 and under?  (Typically they are free) and how many are between the ages of (2 & 12) typically they qualify for “kids” pricing.  
Go through your list and determine how many of your guests will be “drinkers”  
Additional Questions to Ask:  
Will there be a “tip jar” at our bar? 
Will your staff pour wine or champagne during dinner? 
What Vegetarian options do you offer?  
What do you offer for children’s meals? 
Do you charge a cake cutting fee? Will your team cut and serve our cake?  
This portion of the planning process can be a bit overwhelming.  Remember if you’ve hired a Wedding Planner, consider asking them to attend the “Entrée Tasting” with you.  Otherwise try your best to really study the menu options ahead of time and don’t be shy to ask your Catering Manager of Chef many questions during the tasting.