Remedies for Wedding Planning Burn Out

It’s very common for me, as a Wedding Planner to hear couples say they are “DONE” with the wedding plans. It’s a lot of work, ten times more than you can imagine until you’re “in it.” Planning a Wedding is comparable to having a second job (no joke). This is especially true if you haven’t hired a professional planner and attempt handling everything yourself. Today I wanted to share a few suggestions of things you can do when you’re feeling burned out.

1.) Go and a date with your spouse to be. Set a rule that this is a “no wedding talk” date night. Do something fun and relaxing and simply enjoy!

2.) Consult with your Wedding Planner. Unload your list of concerns and questions on to a professional. A Planner will help to calm your nerves and prioritize your to do lists.

3.) Exercise. Take your stress to the gym. You’re future wedding day body will thank you.

4.) Sign Off! Treat yourself to a “social media free” weekend. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding these days is all the online distractions. Seeing all the ideas, suggestions, and articles can completely overwhelm a person…especially Pinterest.