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A wedding requires immense knowledge, countless hours of your precious time, and can easily exceed your ideal price point. We are sensitive to this and passionate for saving you valuable time and money. We will openly advise you on how to save in all areas. We find joy in sharing our styling secrets to achieving luxury looks while staying within your personal pricing goals. 

We understand how it feels to be overwhelmed by options and paralyzed by the fear of perfection. After all, how can it be expected for someone to plan a wedding who has never planned one before? That’s where we step in. We truly care about your wedding day experience.  


Your wedding day should not only look beautiful, it should also feel beautiful. This beauty is achieved when the wedding  design choices are a reflection of YOU. You will notice a lot of diversity in our portfolio. This is a reflection of us never forcing any certain style onto our clients. Every couple is different, as their wedding day should be too. 


Experience matters when it comes to wedding planning. Owner Jennifer Starr, has been mastering these skills for over 13 years. Our team collectively has over 38 years of experience. Together we have walked nearly 600 couples down the aisle! While we continue to learn, we feel confident in our abilities as true wedding industry experts. 

genuine care, calming nature 

We believe our clients are more than just clients. They are people who invest and trust in us to deliver an exceptional wedding day experience for them. That is not a role or responsibility we take lightly. We know every wedding is different, therefore we connect on a more personal level and customize our process to best serve you and your loved ones. Though we are enthusiastic about weddings, our experience allows us to always remain calm and collected to ensure a stress-free wedding. 

We believe you deserve peace on mind of your wedding day.  There's no reason you (or your loved ones) should be worried about tasks such as vendor arrival times, set up details, and everything else that goes into a wedding day.  This will be one the most memorable days of life and you deserve to enjoy every moment 

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peace of mind

genuine care,
calming nature

"In a busy world full of endless options, we help you create a wedding day that is a reflection of you!"

Our planning collection includes professional guidance and support throughout your entire planning process plus much more!



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