6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Photography: Steph Wahlig

1. Do your research.  Be sure to go into your dressing appointment having a solid idea as to the type of dress you desire.  Make sure you have chosen a dress type that compliments your figure the best, don’t just choose a dress because it’s the latest style.   

2. Style your hair and make up the day you go dress shopping and be sure to wear nice undergarments (as chances are you may have a few people helping you try on your gowns).  Overall, do your best to make sure that you feel good about your appearance.   

3. Bring heels to try on with your dresses.   

4. Don’t feel obligated to bring your entire bridal party.  Sometimes finding the “right” dress can be stressful, and having too many opinions makes things difficult.  

5. Make sure that the salesperson makes you feel special and truly understands and cares about the type of dress that you are looking for.  

6. Don’t expect to find your dress in one day, and don’t feel pressured to find your dress in one day.  You deserve to feel beautiful, comfortable, and excited about your wedding dress.