5 Wedding Venue Musts

Hello friends!  Let’s talk today about “5 Things Your Wedding Venue Must Have.”  
Appropriate Space/Capacity for your desired amount of guests ~ I’ve said this before but it’s definitely worth saying again…please save your precious time and create your guest list before touring and selecting your venue.  You must make sure that your venue is the appropriate size, not too big and not too small.  

On site Catering/ Or an Established Relationship with Catering Companies ~ Be sure and educate yourself on how your desired venue handles their Catering.  It’s important to know whether or not the catering is provided in house, or if it’s provided by an offsite catering company.  If it is handled by an offsite company makes sure that the catering company you use is one that the venue refers.  It is crucial that the catering company is familiar with the layout of the property and it’s functionality to ensure that your wedding gets the proper food service it deserves.  

Contingency Plan for Bad Weather ~ Be sure to ask the important question….”What happens if it rains?  Or if there’s a dust storm?  Make sure that your venue has a “back up plan.”  

A Venue Representative/Catering Manager that You Like ~ You deserve to feel special.  And the venue that you select needs to make you feel this way.   If you don’t get a “warm fuzzy” then I beg you to please continue looking at other venues until you find one that you feel “at home” at.  Believe me; Arizona has many spectacular venue options.

Past Reviews ~ Be sure to read reviews from past clients.  Weddingwire.com is a great resource.  Additionally you can ask other vendors…do they enjoy working at that venue?  Why or why not? It’s incredibly important that you feel comfortable with your venue as it serves as the “foundation” of your Wedding Day.