Lora & Steven Wedding Day
Royal Palms Resort & Spa

"This past winter I had the joy of working with Steven and Lora on their gorgeous wedding. They choose the incredibly romantic Royal Palms Resort to serve as their wedding location. I worded mostly with Emilla (the Mother of the Bride) she was so funny and had great taste and I could have listened to her accent lovely accent all day. 

Lora and Steven also had amazing style and true admiration for each other. One of my favorite memories of that day was getting a glimpse of the slideshow that Steven had made to surprise Lora. When Lora entered her Bridal Suite guestroom that day, Steven had a slideshow prestaged on her television along with a card. I especially appreciate Steven’s sweet gesture as I think he chose the perfect time to have this presented to Lora. You see, as a Bride the morning and afternoons are filled with so much hustle and bustle as nerves and emotions are high. But once Lora was onsite at the gorgeous property and she able to relax for a moment in her room, that’s when she was presented with the thoughtful gift from her groom, absolutely perfect. 

I also admired how Steven and Lora wanted to take a moment to themselves before joining their cocktail to simple relax and be together for a few moments. They both just seemed so in tune with the moments that really matter, I really admired that about them. Visiting all of their guests at their tables during dinner was also very important to this couple, they wanted their guests to feel welcome and appreciated. 

The reception was like a dream, complete with floral chandeliers, beautiful linens and endless candlelight. Steven and Lora’s Wedding Day was beautiful and meaningful, my most favorite combination. Congratulations again Steven & Lora, I hope you are enjoying your first year as Newlyweds."
~Planner Jennifer Starr

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Katrina Wallace Photographers 

Planning: Jennifer of the  J.Starr Wedding Company 
Venue: Royal Palms Resort
Photography: Katrina Wallace Photography
Florist: William & Company Floral Design Studio, Avant Garde 
Officiant: Matt T. Nathanson
Make up: Neiman Marcus Dior Counter & Zoritza Pezzano 
Hair: Diane Cash 
Videographer: Serendipity Cinematography 
 Entertainment:Got You Covered Music; Richard (Keyboard) Larry Langley

Creative Partner Team:

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