Hannah & Mark Wedding Day
Royal Palms Resort & Spa


Katrina Wallace Photographers 

Avant Garde 

 Starz Entertainment

 Miguel de Maria

Hair & Make-Up: 
Linda Valenzuela

Stationary: Freed Hands 

The J.Starr Wedding Company 

"Hannah and Mark, a couple as unique and eccentric as the venue they chose for their wedding: the breathtaking Royal Palms. The couple's choice of decorations and details reflected their shared love for nature's beauty and their desire for a truly enchanting celebration. Their wedding was a testament to the beauty of embracing individuality, the power of creativity, and the magic that unfolds when two unique souls find each other. Hannah and Mark's love story will forever be remembered as a testament to the extraordinary and a reminder that true love knows no boundaries. It was a pleasure to be apart of this special day."
- Planner April 

Katrina Wallace Photography

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Planning: April of the J.Starr Wedding Company 
Venue: Royal Palms Resort
Photography: Katrina Wallace Photographers
Florist: Table Tops, Etc.
Band/DJ/ Musicians: Birkett Entertainment
Harpist: Adrienne Knauer
Officiant: Mike Kennedy
Wedding Cake: Royal Palms
Rentals: Centric Events
Videographer: Ethington Productions
Photo Booth: Goof Booth Photo Booth
Hair/Make Up: Kensington Makeup

Creative Partner Team:

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