Classic Gainey Ranch Winter Wedding

Greetings All!  I’m so excited to share this beautiful Gainey Ranch Golf Club Wedding with you today! This lovely day took place on December 16th, 2017, closing out the year in a big way for Sarah and Jordan.  

One thing I knew for sure, right from the beginning, was that this wedding was truly going to be a family affair.  From the very first phone calls that came in to discuss wedding planning services~ first a phone call from Cindy ,the Mother of the Groom, then followed by a phone call from Berta, the Mother of the Bride.  My first in person meeting was with both sets of parents, while Sarah and Jordan were busy working.  I was so touched and amused by the true friendships between their parents. They were a wedding planning team~ that knew who to handle all the stressful wedding planning details and decisions through laughter.  

I actually didn’t get to meet Sarah & Jordan until the tail end of the wedding planning process and I was impressed with their partnership and laid-back approach to embracing the wedding day.  It was also apparent that they were a true team and were ready to make everything official. 

The wedding day took place at the always enchanting Gainey Ranch Golf Club.  The wedding day was filled with delightful touches of ivory and flowing greenery~ matching the natural elements of the setting so perfectly.  To bring in touches of winter and sophistication, a strong shade of navy was highlighted in both the gorgeous wardrobe and table linens.  But most importantly what stood out was the humorous tone not only among the parents and family but also the bridal party.  This group was very comfortable together and knew how to have fun.  

One of most memorable moments from this day was witnessing the reactions from Sarah’s bridesmaid and family when she initially walked out in her wedding dress for the first time. As a Wedding Planner, these moments are some of the heartfelt perks.  Shortly after, I helped Sarah down the elevator and led her to the spot where her handsome groom was awaiting her arrival for their “First Look.”  There I witnessed their entire bridal party and immediate family members gathered at the windows in awe of watching this special moment.  There was so much joy and sweet tears shed by all that love Sarah and Jordan.  And this was just the beginning of their magical day. All that followed was truly spectacular~ from the personalized ceremony, to the confetti cannon grand entrance, followed by the surprise firework display.  This was wedding day to remember. 

Sarah, Jordan, Berta, Bill, Steve & Cindy~  thank you for allowing me to join your wedding planning process at the tail end.  I know that decision involved a great deal of trust.  Thank you for allowing my team and me that honor.  What an amazing way to begin a marriage~ here a few of my favorite moments from your day!